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About Kerry

I am Dr. Kerry Duskin. I am announcing my candidacy for the 2024 Washington Elementary School District #6 Governing Board member. As an educator, we are taught to listen.  I am looking forward to listening to you and to be a voice that echoes your concerns - a voice that matters to you; a voice that cares about you. I am a former member of the Maricopa County Transportation Advisory Board.  

I have worked in the educational system as a special education teacher, a dean of students, Principal and currently a Transportation Director. 

I will make sure my office operates with transparency and that attention to detail is given to every single item that comes to my attention.  I will make sure that in everything my pen touches, everyone — win or lose — are confident that their voice was heard and taken seriously.  I am assured that we can achieve the necessary transition of “Bridging Legacy and Vision” in our courts. 

The Duskin Cares Approach (DCA) is centered around four aspects – Family, Service, Community, and Efficiency. Of these tenants, my top three priorities include;

1.) supporting and implementing diversion and intervention programs

2.) creating and supporting youth mentorship programs and

3.) Making sure everything we approve is done with transparency.

I am available to meet and discuss your concerns.  Follow our Facebook page and https://instagram/electkerryduskin to see when we will have county meetings to hear your concerns.  Because I believe that grass roots organizations and movements are the only way to ensure that changes are for and by the people it serves and impacts, I want to encourage your participation and partnership with me to ensure these changes.  I encourage your volunteerism, your in-kind and monetary donations to move this vision forward. 


Please call or email me today to ask questions or voice your concerns for our Community at your earliest convenience.  


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